49 hours Kubernetes/k8s podcast

I downloaded all podcasts from below…

Kubernetes Podcast from Google is a weekly news and interview show

Kubernetes Podcast from Google

using my script on Github here.

rssPodcastsDown.sh (podcasts RSS xml file URL) (optional: filename prefix)

rss_podcast is podcasts(*.mp3) downloader.

And I added up all play time (duration ).

$  echo $(mp3info -xp '%m\n' *.mp3 |
  awk '{total_min+=$1};END{print total_min}')/60 |
  bc -l

I listened to 8 *.mp3 files. It looks like first  6 minutes in all recordings are ‘news’ .   So, if I exclude news part and other ‘template’ part, total may amount to around 40 hours.

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